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Eco-Friendly, High-Quality Custom T-Shirt Printing Made in the USA

Eco-Friendly, High-Quality Custom T-Shirt Printing Made in the USA

Custom t-shirt printing is a growing industry in the USA, with many businesses providing their services locally. Many people are taking advantage of this trend to express themselves with uniquely designed t-shirts. They can also wear their passions for their favorite things on their sleeves. In fact, there are many different ways to make custom t-shirts— some are more environmentally friendly than others.

When creating a custom t-shirt, printers typically use screen printing or direct to garment printing (DTG). Both methods create durable and long-lasting designs that people can wear and wash frequently. However, they differ in a few key ways. Screen printing uses a stencil and ink while DTG uses a specialized printer that applies the ink directly to the fabric. This process doesn’t require a stencil but is more labor-intensive, which can drive up production prices. In addition, some inks used in DTG printers contain heavy metals and don’t wash out of clothing easily.

Custom t-shirt printing companies often use sustainable materials for their products as well. This includes using 100% cotton for their t-shirts instead of polyester blends. Cotton is an environmentally friendly textile due to its low energy input during production. In addition, companies that use screen printing will often use water-based inks that biodegrade quickly and don’t pollute the environment. Printing your designs on high-quality garments keeps them looking crisp and new for longer.

When it comes to producing their products, most custom t-shirt companies follow good manufacturing practices (GMPs) regardless of method used. These include using clean environments for all steps in the process and minimizing risks for contamination or injury to employees or customers. Specialized high volumes presses are used to minimize errors when applying the designs and keep quality high without sacrificing speed. Plus, environmentally friendly water-based inks are used to minimize the environmental impact of creating the shirts.

Lastly, supporting a company that produces their products in the USA has many benefits as well. First, it creates local jobs, so you’re supporting your community and country as a whole. In addition, reduced shipping from producing locally reduces our carbon footprint as well as reduces oil imports from other countries. Buying local also reduces production times since items are produced closer to where they’re needed— reducing wait times for customers.

When creating custom t-shirts, consider supporting the eco-friendliness of this growing industry by choosing a company that uses sustainable materials and practices while creating local jobs through reduced shipping times. Their durable designs will showcase your passions or brand message for years to come!